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Another Alan Rickman movie watched

A friend of mine likes to recommend movies for me to watch and last night he told me that Valkyrie is a must watch. Well, I logged on to Netflix this morning to see if it was available, and to my non-surprise, it wasn’t. Very few of the movies I want are on instant streaming. But since I was there, I checked to see if any Alan Rickman movies I 0d4548eb86ecf7d6cc23a9c2f3bfce4bhadn’t seen were on and that’s when I saw it: Blow Dry.

Now, this movie was on Netflix some time last year but when I went to watch it, it had disappeared. So I was super excited to see it available again. I instantly hit play, not willing to let it slip through my fingers a second time.

The movie is about family at its core, and putting aside old hurts and grudges to remember what’s really important in this life. Blow Dry is set around the British Hairdressing Championship. I never knew there was such an event but it did look like fun. It wasn’t the funniest movie but it had its moments. I especially liked seeing all the colorful sheep one of the characters used to practice hair coloring on. They looked like they belonged at a Grateful Dead concert. The characters were charming and had me rooting for them till the end. I could even forgive Josh Hartnett’s abysmal British accent. And, of course, Rickman was sexy as hell. Heidi Klum was even in the movie, playing a model, naturally. I just love her. Not only is she hot, but funny too.

What I’ve noticed after watching this film was that Rickman plays very similar characters, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I’d really love to see him do something totally unique and different from the understated, soft spoken, dignified man. I think the Sheriff of Nottingham was probably his most wild role. Will this stop me from seeing every possible movie he’s made? Do I even need to answer that?

So, I definitely recommend Blow Dry to anyone who loves a heartwarming story. And to anyone who loves to drool over Alan Rickman, which I suspect is most of the population.



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