Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from my family to yours. I hope 2016 brings you much happiness, magic, and lots and lots of wonderful books to read.



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Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has a wonderful day with your loved ones, eating great food and being grateful for all the blessings in your life. I’m thankful for my wonderful children, my amazing boyfriend who is doing almost all the cooking, and my fabulous sister and brother-in-law for hosting the meal.

Everyday I’m grateful for all that I have: my family and friends to love, my job that helps me pay my  bills, my apartment to give us shelter, my car to get me to my destinations safely, and my laptop to pour all my creative juices into.

Enjoy your day and be thankful not just today but everyday. And don’t forget the pumpkin pie. Always be grateful for pie.


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RT Convention 2016

I’m excited to say that I will be attending the RT convention in Las Vegas next April 2016. Not only am I looking forward to rubbing elbows with all the remarkable authors and amazing readers, but I will be selling Pucker Up and The Tenth Life of Mr. Whiskers at the Giant Book Fair. I’ll also be promoting the release of Lip Smacked, the sequel to Pucker Up. I’m hoping to release it around June.

I’ve never been to Vegas. Never. My roommates and I are planning on living it up while we’re there. Can you say Chip N Dales? Unfortunately no one else wants to ride the zip line at the hotel so that I’ll be doing alone.

So if you’re going to be in Las Vegas the second week of April, come by and meet your favorite authors.

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Me, René and Amanda in 2013

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El Dorado Hills book signing success.

Cheryl Mahoney, me, and K.D. Blakely at Face in a Book

Cheryl Mahoney, me, and K.D. Blakely at Face in a Book

I had a lovely time yesterday at Face in a Book in El Dorado Hills, CA at a book signing I had with two of my favorite author friends, K. D. Blakely and Cheryl Mahoney. We had a great outpouring of support from family and friends and we got to meet some new readers.

Cheryl was signing her Beyond the Tales series books, The Wanderers and The Storyteller and her Sisters. Both fabulous stories that can be read in any order.

K.D. Blakely brought the first 3 books in her Chimera Chronicles series; Secrets in the Dark, Secrets in the Deep, and Secrets in the Dawn. She’s currently working on the fourth book and I’m super excited for her to finish so I can read it. It’s a great series.IMG_1274

I had a great time talking to friends I hadn’t seen in a while and meeting new people. The store staff were a delight to work with and they were also very pleased with the turnout. Hopefully we’ll be able to do this again next year when each of our next books are released. And yes, I’m still working on Lip Smacked but I’m making great headway. I’m very excited to get it finished and out into the world.

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Update on Lip Smacked

Hey everyone,

Sorry for my long absence but life has decided to throw a couple curveballs my way. I am currently working on the second book to Pucker Up which is titled Lip Smacked. It’s the continuation of Ivy, Garren, Thane, and Athena’s journey after they woke up the cursed prince and have to travel back to Salmagundi to fix the wards.Sounds easy enough, right? But since when has anything gone according to plan for these guys. I’m hoping to have it published by the end of the year.

As I’m writing I have also been reading the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead, my favorite author. I’m just started the last book and man has this been an excited ride for Sydney and Adrien. I’m conflicted about book simply because I want to just plow through it and read the hopefully happy ending yet IT IS THE LAST BOOK IN THE SERIES. I also want to take my time and enjoy being with these characters as long as possible. But I guess that’s the great thing about books- you can always go back and live the world again with a simple turn of a page.

I’m also excited to meet Richelle Mead again when I see her at the RT Convention in Dallas next month, and all the other fabulous YA authors.

Is there a book or series that you love reading over and over again? Let me know.

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Alan Rickman strikes again

My apologies for taking so long to post again. My life has been a bit of a roller coaster lately because, apparently, I’m going through a midlife crisis, though I don’t understand why some people see it that way. But that’s for another post. Now, I want to talk about the movie I saw this weekend, The Butler.untitled

Now, the only reason I even went to see this movie is because of the cast; more specifically, Alan Rickman. This will come as no surprise to those who know me or have read this blog. To say I love him would be an understatement. Although his part was brief in this movie, it was still my favorite part. He was superb and really did justice to the persona of Ronald Reagan. As soon as he appeared, a huge grin adorned my face that didn’t fade until the ending credits rolled.

I was a little iffy on seeing Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan. I’ve never liked her after learning of her actions in Hanoi, and a heavy influence from my Vietnam vet father, judging her as a traitor to her fellow Americans. I don’t pretend to know why she did what she did and at this point, I don’t care. But as I realize that we are all one and that everyone deserves love, I am putting the past behind me. Holding on to that grudge doesn’t prove my loyalty for my father, it merely burdens my heart with unnecessary hate. And hate has no part in my life.

The movie was good, not great. At the end it seemed way too political for my taste. It was more like Obama propaganda than a serious movie about the relationship between a hard-working father and a son who is ashamed of his father’s profession but still yearns for his approval. I found it interesting that each man affected change for the better but in very different ways.  The characters were well played, interesting and earned my empathy. The main message I got from watching the movie was that you are never too old to change the way you see the world around you and to take action to do what you feel is right.

gambitAnd of course, Alan Rickman rocked! Now I can’t wait until October when Gambit finally comes out in America. I don’t know why it took so long but Halleluiah it’s a comin’!


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Writers of the Future book signing

photo (22)One of my favorite aspects of being a writer is all the creative and talented people I’ve been smart enough to surround myself with. Andrea Stewart is one of those people. She truly is gifted in imagination and the craft of writing speculative fiction. She is a recent first place winner of the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest and had her short story published in the annual anthology. And yesterday, she and a few other winners—Stephan Sottong,Tina Gower, and Timothy Black— had a book signing at the local Barnes & Noble.

I read her short story, Dreameater, as soon as I got home last night. Wow! It’s about the relationship between a young daughter and her dysfunctional, supernatural mother. Of course after reading her other work I wasn’t surprised at how good it was. To read a review of Dreameater, check out Kody Kline’s blog20130501-095631

Andrea is one of those people that when you meet her, you just know she’s going to make it big in this industry. Her stories are unique and fantastical and totally gripping. Plus, she’s also one of the most humble and thoughtful people I’ve ever met.

You’ll also love her book, Dragon Maiden: A Short Story. Andrea Stewart, remember her name. She will be big one day!

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