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RT Convention 2013 – the workshops

As I mentioned in my last post, I attended the RT Convention at the beginning of the month and had a fabulous time. Not only were the parties spectacular in the evenings, but the afternoon was filled with wonderful workshops, and not just for writers, but readers and booksellers as well.

This is Len, the cover model I've been stalking since my first RT convention

This is Len, the cover model I’ve been stalking since my first RT convention

One workshop I attended mainly out of curiosity was one about writing realistic BDSM. Now, I never read past the first few chapters of 50 Shades of Grey( I was beginning to wonder if the character had a real medical condition with all the blushing she did) but I thoroughly enjoyed a BDSM Snape/Hermione fanfic story, For the Potion Master’s Amusement. It’s a long but gripping story and if you also ship this couple – 50 points to Slytherin! The presenters of the workshop debunked a lot of myths society has about this lifestyle that some books have perpetrated.

Speaking of 50 Shades of Grey, the author E. L. James was at the RT Convention to support a friend and I heard from the Twitter rumor mill that she stood up during one of the workshops and demanded the panel to stop trashing her book. I wasn’t there and have no idea what was said, but I applaud her for standing up for herself. She could’ve sat back and smiled, counting in her head all the millions of dollars in her bank account now because of her books and just ignored the obvious petty jealousy of the others. That’s probably what I would’ve done.

Another workshop I attended was American Idol – Writers Edition. It’s a contest held by the Seymour Agency that awards the winner a one year contract/mentorship with literary agents Nicole Resciniti and Louise Fury of the L Perkins Agency. Before the convention, I sent in my first 3 chapters of my current WIP, What the Fae?. The contest is about finding a unique writing voice. Out of over 80 entries, I made the top 20. And after reading the first pages of all the finalists and being scored by a panel of judges(agents and editors) and votes from the audience members,  I was awarded the prize, and a bouquet of flowers. So exciting!!

Me being an author

Me being an author

Then, if that wasn’t exciting enough, I was able to sign and sell my book Pucker Up at the Giant Book Fair along some amazing authors like Richelle Mead. I totally talked to her and got her autograph, too. It was a surreal experience to autograph my book for readers. I also autographed a few shirts, tote bags and even someone’s Kindle. One person wanted to get her picture taken with me, too. You’d think people actually knew who I was. So much fun.

I know this is just the beginning. Soon I’ll have a mile long line of fans waiting to see me and have their own fangirl(or boy) moments. So now, I am busy writing away to get What the Fae? finished and in the hands of my two new agent mentors and hopefully have it ready by the next convention. Life is good!





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Quidditch—Not just for wizards anymore

And yes, I do mean that game from Harry Potter. Did you know that there are hundreds of quidditch teams throughout the United States and around the world?  I didn’t either until a friend told me that the International Quidditch Association Western Cup IV was playing in our area this weekend. Because my family just loves Harry Potter—at least my teenage daughter and I are fanatics—we decided to go watch the tournament.QUIDDITCH

Let me tell you, we had a ball. I never really paid much attention to the rules of the game while reading the books or watching the movies, so I was a little worried I’d be totally lost. But after a few minutes watching a match, I had no problem following along. And yes, the players rode brooms, or broomsticks at least. It was very exciting, like soccer meets dodgeball meets flag football. There was always something going on.

I expected to see fans all decked out in their best Hogwarts garb but it wasn’t like that at all. Many of the teams are from universities like UCLA and Berkley. This is a serious and legitimate sport, though still a lot of fun. Men and woman played with and against each other and no one was shy about tackling an opponent no matter the gender. All part of Title 9  3/4.

The snitch was my favorite part. In the books, the snitch is a small golden ball with wings, flying all over the pitch and beyond, out of reach of the seekers. In the muggle version, the snitch was a person with a tennis ball in a pouch hanging off the back of their shorts, much like a flag in flag football. In the beginning of the game, all players had to look down and close their eyes while the snitch ran off to hide. When the snitch returned to the pitch some time later and the ball was snatched from a seeker, the game ended and points added up.

My younger kids, Paul – 10 and Angela – 5, got to play a few games too. They had a great time running up and down the pitch on their brooms. The best part was watching as over half the kids chased the poor snitch all over the fields, trying to win the game.photo (5)

Always competitive, Monica and I would choose sides and gloat when our team scored. My teams won 2 out of 3 times. Now Monica wants to start a quidditch club at her high school. It also wouldn’t surprise me if she chose a college based on the standing of the quidditch team.

I hope to see more quidditch games in the future. Maybe I’ll be sitting in the stands cheering on one of my kids at the World Cup one day.


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