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Another Alan Rickman movie crossed off the list

I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving. We stuffed ourselves with turkey and then played a hilarious game of Uno. I won, of course, but learned that my sister’s boyfriend has a bit of a vindictive streak. I won’t sit next to him next time.

Tonight, my teenage daughter and I decided to watch another Alan Rickman film because…well, because he’s Alan Rickman. The movie of choice was Mesmer. Not one of his better movies. Not because of his performance, mind you, but because the plot was a bit confusing and very little was explained. And I don’t know if it was just my computer, but it was hard to hear a lot of the dialogue. Rickman’s voice is naturally low and smooth but when he whispers, you can’t hear a thing. The main reason I kept watching was because Rickman was at his peak of hotness. I was so jealous of the actress during the kiss scene, you have no idea. Then, they end the film without telling you what was to become of him and Maria. They’re just sitting alone in a room while revolutionaries (I think. It wasn’t explained) mob the streets. Overall, the movie was forgetful, but Rickman was not.

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