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Breaking Dawn part 2 is AWESOME!

Today, my daughter Monica and I went to see the last movie in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn part 2. We’ve seen all the others so, of course, we had to see the final installment. It did not disappoint. You would think that having read the book nothing would surprise you. NOPE! They threw a twist in there that totally caught us off guard. I was practically hyperventilating. I don’t want to give anything away, so run now to your local theater and watch this movie!! And because it is the last movie, I thought they did a wonderful job wrapping up not just this movie, but the entire series. Stephanie Meyer should be very proud.

I didn’t read the series until after watching the first movie, which was always my favorite. I didn’t really care for New Moon because it felt too forced. With the annoying background music( that should have stayed more in the background), they were trying too hard to make the scenes dramatic. It was too much. Eclipse was okay and Breaking Dawn part 1 was good considering it was the slow part of the book. But I think this last movie blew me away. The first is still my favorite because that’s where we fell in love with Edward, but BD 2 comes a very close second. The second part was also my favorite part of the book.

One of the vampires that come to help the Cullens, Garret, caught my attention right away. I mean, how hot is he?! He looks like he could be Severus Snape’s hot, bloodsucking, younger brother. Yum!

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